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The Prairie Peony Display Garden is a volunteer-run garden, lovingly handcrafted, funded, and tended over the last decade by me, Nick, in the hopes of preserving and sharing the beauty of these wonderful plants with others. The garden's unique collections, which make it one of the largest peony display gardens in Western Canada, include cutting-edge cultivars from around the world, as well as a special Canadian cultivar collection. Donations and support from the community assist in keeping the garden and peonies well maintained in a chemical-free and pollinator-friendly manner, helping the collections continue to improve and grow, and contributing to the development of educational opportunities, content, and resources. Your generous donation, be it one time or recurring, and regardless of size, makes a tremendous impact by improving visitor experience and supporting the mission of Prairie Peonies to educate, encourage, inspire, and promote the growth of peonies. If you have enjoyed the garden or my educational resources, please consider a donation through the button below (please note donations amounts are set in USD due to my webhost) or via e-transfer to 780-782-4270, and please leave me a note with your contact information, as it is very important to me to express my gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and for helping the garden continue to grow and thrive. Peonies forever!

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