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2024 APS Grand Champion

And the Queen of the Show is... One of my favourite images (and stories) arising from the 2024 American Peony Society Convention in Bloomington, Minnesota was this one of local superheroes and Grand Champion awardees David and Linette Sorrentino exhibiting 'Romance' (Lins, 1967),

which was introduced by a local Minnesotan. Sometimes the universe aligns to produce a perfectly harmonious narrative.

Their expressions were priceless. What elicited these responses? For Dave, it seemed to be "smile like you like you were last night!" - David was freshly awarded the APS Lifetime Achievement Award. For Linette, it was "remember that you don't have to attend board meetings anymore!"  Amazing people that are incredibly giving and do amazing things, and I am so grateful to know both of them. Congratulations.

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