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Etched Salmon

Cousins/Klehm R.G., 1981. Bubblegum salmon-pink with gold etched petaloids in a unique double form. One of my favourite plants. Just starting.



Green Halo

Klehm, R.G., 1999. Unusual green skirt of green guard petals with central white tufts. Most peculiar. Small flowers, but heavily populated with blooms.



Candy Stripe

Anderson, R.F. 1992. A fun white double with red candy striping localized in the outer petals rows. 



Pink Luau

Klehm R.G., 1995. Single blooms with unusual soft pink and raspberry streaking running through the center of the petals.


Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar

Friend, 1996. A beautifully formed double with a twist - the flowers are heavily populated by pink speckles that produce a striking and unique appearance.



Do Tell

Auten, 1946. A sensational Japanese-form variety with a unique colour combination that manages to display a spectacular contrast within the framework of a pleasing overall colour harmony. The centre of the flower is pure magic and is reminiscent of a party popper releasing hundreds of multicolored streamers.

Do Tell 3.JPG


Circus Circus

Circus Circus - Klehm, R.G., 1995. A fun single with raspberry coloured candy striping. Creates a buzz in the garden.


The Season of the Lactifloras

The terminal part of peony season brings out the old garden favourites - the historic, late flowering heirloom plants that have been grown for generations. These plants belong to a group of peonies known as the "lactifloras" which have their origins in a species from China. Traditionally known for their big ruffly double flowers, intoxicating fragrance, side buds, and floppy nature, new breeding efforts have produced stronger stems, novel colours and streaking, and interesting, twisty cactus-dahlia flower forms. Pictured: Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Mrs. FDR 1.JPG


Here are the star features of the garden today, July 3, 2022! These beauties are in bloom for a limited time only, so utilise this page to plan your visit now and ensure you don't miss out on your favourites. Check back for regular updates as the blooms wax and wane. Every day dawns on a new garden!



Gracefully fading...

Parting is such sweet sorrow. The garden is now past peak and will shortly be on the homestretch. Get in touch to view these ephemeral beauties before they are gone for the year as the garden will be closed to visits after July 10.


New Millennium

Anderson, 2012. Large, well formed, glowing coral flowers that is unique and distinct amongst the Itohs.

New Millennium 1.JPG


Summer Glow

Hollingsworth, 1992. Gorgeous, glowing flowers with a pastel yellow that illuminates the center of the flower from the depths. This complex colour palete is reminiscent of Café au Lait dahlias.

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